Dec. '14-Three new projects are available with input from Paul and/or Paul and the band.

Signature Sounds as part of their ongoing salute to the great Chris Smither, has released," Link of Chain: A Songwriter's Tribute to Chris Smither", which features Paul & Tomorrow Sound's take on Chris', 'No Love Today' replete with storming baritone and a veritable drum parade.


Paul guests with Milwaukee-based musician and historian L'il Rev on his new, "Harmonica Americana", album, singing and playing versions of Mississippi John Hurt's, 'Richland Woman Blues" and Buddy Johnson's "Let's Beat Out Some Love" which are available for download through


In addition, Marti Jones has offered up a scintillating bossa nova-infused album entitled, 'You're Not The Bossa Me', which features her takes on Paul's, 'Lovely As The Day Is Long' and Paul and Pat McLaughlin's, 'Something Brighter' as well as a new song by Paul and Don Dixon called, "Kiss By Telephone', all couched within a bevy of alluring winners. Paul contributed guitar to the project, as well.


OF COURSE, if you haven't obtained our gabardine-sleek, mellifluous rumble of a record album, FINE RUDE THING, which debuted earlier this past year, then, by all means, order one up muy pronto down this page a piece.......

Jan. 14, 2014


the new album now available


1. Fine Rude Thing

2.Summer Starts Right Now

3.Baby Shake

4.You Owe It To You

5.The Whole Thing

6.Might Be Smiling

7.Not Necessarily True

8.Yeah Yeah

9.Just That Cold

10.shack & Shambles

11. Like Loving People Do

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One Little Light On

Paul Cebar: One Little Light On


Brand New Solo Acoustic Record

1.Something Brighter  2.What's Keeping Erica  3.Can't Blame a Lover  4.I Just Can't See For Looking 5.The Book Of Love 6.Didn't Bring It Up  7.It Done Fell Off  8.Am I Blue? 9.Holding On To The Wind 10.One Little Light On  11.Right For Me 12.If Only It Were Over 13.I Painted your Eyes On The Street

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1.) The Gimp Sparrow
2.) I Got Trouble
3.) How'd You Get Like That?
4.) Her New Church
5.) Marv's Fluttering Guitar
6.) Knock It To Me Now
7.) Like A Gentleman Oughta
8.) Who Can Love Who
9.) The Same Dog
10.) I'm Qualified
11.) Spread That Sugar
12.) Do Me Justice
13.) Hey Hey Honey
1.) Dance me to the end of love
2.) Build it on up
3.) She's such a much
4.) You make me feel so
5.) Second that emotion
6.) One step up
7.) Twice little sixteen
8.) Knife and a rose
9.) That's no big thing
10.) Check your bucket
11.) Going back to New Orleans
12.) Lingering
13.) Blood and water
14.) Please don't tell me more
15.) Jump in the line
16.) Romance in the dark
Fall 1997
1.) She found a fool
2.) Don't let it pour
3.) Bungalowing Big Time
4.) Trying
5.) Clap for the couple
6.) Keep you (going away)
7.) He forgot what he knew
8.) Got to grind
9.) Sending my love
10.) Spacelab girls from Huntsville
11.) Lovely as the day is long
12.) Wasbi
13.) Itta Bena boy
1.) I Can't Dance For You
2.) Didn't Leave Me No Ladder
3.) (What Say We) Laugh A Lot
4.) Shakes For Me
5.) Let Me Love You Up
1.) Didn't Leave Me No Ladder
2.) Please Don't Tell Me More
3.) I Can't Dance For You
4.) I Ain't Ready
5.) Run Wild, Breathe Easy
6.) Bright Night Train
7.) Hold Me To Your Bones
8.) Blood and Water
9.) Don't Leave Me Listless
10.) Love Don't have A Clue
11.) A Knife And A Rose
12.) Silver Moon
13.) The Wild Water
14.) Somewhere We Both Belong
THAT UNHINGED THING (featuring Robyn Pluer)
1.) Watching You Love
2.) 'Round Every Corner
3.) Build It On Up
4.) My Heart Makes Up My Mind
5.) Twice Little Sixteen
6.) I Will Keep
7.) You Make Me Feel So
8.) Ain't Gonna Get You Yet
9.) Lingering
10.) Clear From Here
11.) That Unhinged Thing
12.) Slither Awhile
13.) I Love Soul
TOP HAPPY - (R&B Cadets)
1.) Strong and Lasting Kind
2.) She's Waiting
3.) Don't Drop It
4.) Make Me Yours
5.) Messed Around
6.) Two Minds About It
7.) Check Your Bucket
8.) Brand New Thing
9.) You Lost the Sweetest Boy
10.) Téte a Téte
11.) Go On Kokomo
12.) Dear John