We're very proud and excited to announce that Paul and those fresh, wriggling, jingling Tomorrow Sound gentleman have been added to a string of upcoming dates on SHARON JONES & THE DAP-KINGS'  "Give The People What They Want" Tour. Might it be safe to say that they'll want a FINE RUDE THING in short order?


Wed. April 9th finds the tour in MINNEAPOLIS, MN. at THE STATE THEATER

Fri. April 11th moves to CHICAGO, IL at THE VIC THEATER

Sat. April 12th, it's on to the motorcity, DETROIT, MI at THE MAJESTIC THEATER

Sun. April 13, we're PITTSBURGH, PA bound for a final show at THE BYHAM THEATER

A few further details can be found on our schedule page and a fine testimonial from Dap-Kings bassist, songwriter and producer, Gabriel Roth, can be found on the media kit page.


Also, FINE RUDE THING is now available on vinyl.



We're very excited and glad to report that we have released our brand spanking new record, FINE RUDE THING on Jan. 14, 2014. The correct outsize expenditure of blood, sweat, tears, vocal cords and handcraft has been made and the result is a big old engine that could. Publicity is being handled by the estimable Shore Fire Media in Brooklyn with radio promotion by Distiller out of Portland, OR. Record release parties begin on Jan. 10 at Turner Hall in Milwaukee and carry through the rest of the month on a sweeping jaunt eastward (please see our schedule page for specifics & the store page to purchase). C'mon out, we'd love to see you. Incidentally, FRT will be available on vinyl at a slightly later date.

June 13, 2013

We've embarked on a Kickstarter campaign to help bring our new record meaningfully to the marketplace and, more meaningfully, to your home. Please do visit using the link below and consider joining with us in an experiment in shaking it like we just don't care:


April 13th,2013

Our exquisite replica of magnificence, Tomorrow Sound, will be shaking that dependable hometown musical shack, ShankHall,on Fri night (Apr. 14) w/Painted Caves in support in a headlong lunge at springtime and it's sturdy fecundity

March '12

'The Prairie Home Companion' came to Milwaukee on Sat. March 31 (at The Milwaukee Theater) and our heroes, Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound, were in that number when Garrison et al came marching in. Paul and the fellows will be featured during the two-hour live broadcast and tickets are on sale as you read.


January '12Tis a new year and Paul and the fellows are starting off with a ramble eastward. The Ark in Ann Arbor is their first stop on Wed. Jan. 11 followed by a two-night stand at the York Street Cafe in Newport, KY on the 12th and 13th, one fine Saturday nite at the Barns at Wolftrap in Vienna,VA(the 14th) and a Sun. matinee at The Ramshead in Annapolis MD on the 15th. They'll hightail it homeward in time to take part in a fine new concert series called the Real-Phonic Radio Hour taking place at the James J Hill Library in downtown St. Paul,MN on Thur. Jan 19th.

The new collaborative record with David Greenberger, 'They Like Me Around Here', spoken of in the paragraph below is available at all of Tomorrow Sound's performances and is a doggone groove.

This Autumn (2011) brings the excitement of a fine, new collaboration with that breezy, incisive, charmingly obsessive David Greenberger, 'They Like Me Around Here'. The fellows will be backing David on Thursday, Nov 17th at the Kohler Art Center in Sheboygan, WI. as they perform startling tales of hair, gorillas, skydiving, telephones,caterpillars and the like. Watch for news on the release of the album they recorded one sweltering day this past summer which features guest appearances from the incomparable Vincent Chancey (Sun Ra, Charlie Haden Liberation Music Orch.,Carla Bley, Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy et al) and, our good friend, Juli Wood.

In the meantime, Paul is featured on another of David's recent releases,' Tell Me That Before' which can be purchased by visiting the Duplex Planet website: www.duplanet.com

Paul is also featured on guitar on Jon Rodine's brand new, 'Last Star' which should be obtainable shortly

Our Bob Jennings is featured on keyboards, sax, and background vocals on Semi-Twang's recent 'Wages of Sin'



We've been working on a new record that we're all excited about. Soon we'll try and excite you at the prospect of bringing it into your house.

As always, do come on out and see us. We need you!!

Paul recently had the fine luck to be enlisted to interview one of his all-time heroes, Allen Toussaint as a prelude to his recent appearance in Milwaukee. The interview was broadcast at 4:00PM CST on Thur. Feb.11, 2010 on frontier radioWMSE 91.7 on your FM dial. It should be accessible as a download from the MSE archives. Look for "The Blues Drive" from Feb.11, 2010 and fast forward on to the 4 o'clock hour. Earthy elegance is at a premium and Mr.Toussaint most certainly wears it like a crown. Allen Toussaint Interview

In a surprise development, Paul has cooked up a new solo, acoustic record,'One Little Light On' (his first in 33 years of professional-ish plunking). It is available at live performances for the present time (as well as on the store page through CDBaby and at a few select retailers.), starting with Paul's performances in the inscrutable East w/ Chris Smither and continuing with November's throwdown at Shank Hall as part of the club's 20th anniversary festivities. The strictly solo mood is broken with a Merseyfied duo performance w/ Willy Porter of their tune, 'Didn't Bring It Up' which also figures in the festivities of Willy's new record, 'How To Rob A Bank' , The record also features recent co-writes with Peter Mulvey, Pat McLaughlin , Paul Finger and Tony Jarvis as well as a few of Paul's favorites by a few of his favorites, Dayna Kurtz, Stephin Merritt and John Sieger. Add in a couple of sophisto crooners and a few of Paul's tender little missives and retire to the dimly lit ballroom as they sweep up.

There are now a series of youtube videos on the making of the solo record mentioned above conducted in interview format with Paul's esteemed music-loving comrade, Eric Blowtorch

In addition. Paul's performances on Mad Toast Live from last winter give further glimpses of the stripped down imp that made such an intimate little compendium, with hosts Chris and Mary wafting and parrying in a spontaneous and thoroughly delightful manner.



Our dear collaboration with David Greenberger (as described below*) came to a new fruition with the airing on November 18 (on WMVS- Channel 10 in Milwaukee at 8PM and again on Sun. the 22nd at 7PM) of both,'A King In Milwaukee', a documentary by Brad Lichtenstein and Nicole Brown on David's work in general and our collaboration in specific and 'Cherry-Picking Apple Blossom Time' a one hour winning winnowing of our memorable concert presented this past May at the starkly incandescent Pabst Theater (also described below*). If you've the poor fortune of not residing in Milwaukee, perhaps you could request that your local PBS affiliate pick it up for viewing. (By the way, if you haven't picked up the bold and ridiculous, effusive and generous CD, 'Cherry Picking Apple Blossom Time' then I believe now is the time. if you don't believe us, check out Robyn Hitchcock's ringing endorsement of the aforementioned from BLURT online.)

  "David Greenberger meanders around America, lovingly collecting the life stories of old people like fireflies in a jar. On Cherry Picking Apple Blossom Time he visits Milwaukee which, as one elderly resident explains, has the same number of letters as Wisconsin. Over a smoky grid of blues-funk and acoustic guitar played by Paul Cebar and his band, David recites anecdotes and reflections from the Milwaukee senior citizens that he has interviewed on his recent visits there. In an America that seems increasingly dominated by amnesia, and the erosion of its history, it's very heartening - and poignant - to hear these fragments of lives as they draw to a close. The rootsy tone of the music - Ry Cooder, Tom Waits, David Byrne and even Beefheart's Magic Band come to the mind's ear - adds Americana to these tales of vanishing Midwestern life. Here are the man who cheated at tomato- growing by hanging a purchased one on a vine; the man who made peace with his artificial arm and hung shopping bags from it; and the man in a red shirt who feels like a king. There are exuberant moments, but the most moving pieces are the elegies: people who gently mourn their vanished partners - one speaks of his wife as his co-pilot, another of how he's tried to replace his wife with crossword puzzles. The matter-of-fact tone that David uses in these vignettes is partly what makes them so emotional. In 'No Rooms Here' you can hear the life and memory of the elderly female narrator dissolving as she speaks. Just as certain as our death is the uncertainty of what follows - this ambiguity riddles the inhabitants of Cherry Picking Apple Blossom Time. The fragments drift by in a meditational parade - the slow shuffle of people preparing to exit their lives, setting things down, and then picking them up a few minutes later, trying to weigh everything up while it's still theirs. Here, in this album, they can dwell a little longer, and we can hear them until our echoes fade with theirs. I recommend this record to anybody who cares about people. - Robyn Hitchcock, September 2009 AVAILABLE HERE: http://duplexplanet.com/giftshop.html

*Years and years ago, Paul became a fan of the Duplex Planet, a remarkable journal that has been published continually since the 70's by big-hearted adventurer, David Greenberger. When news reached us that David would be Artist in Residence for 2008 under the auspices of The Center on Aging and Community at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, grand peals of laughter and delight were heard in the Cebar household. When our boy, Paul, was enlisted to act as music director, a lively, very humorously fertile collaboration was begun. Recording took place in August and October of last year and the recorded document of those sessions, "CHERRY PICKING APPLE BLOSSOM TIME" will be available in a limited manner shortly and more widely come Autumn '09. To celebrate it's completion and to see just what these spoken word w/ wide-ranging (rambunctious to eerily intimate) musical counterpoint pieces would sound like in a grand room, David, Paul, Bob Jennings, Mac Perkins,Reggie Bordeaux, Mike Fredrickson and our dear John Sieger will be performing at Milwaukee's Pabst Theater on Wed. May 13th at 8:00 PM. The record and show will consist

of monologues based on David's conversations w/ elderly Milwaukeeans delivered as spoken songs as only he can with new, subtly interactive, searching music from the Cebar corner.More details at: www. duplexplanet.com


Mike Fredrickson, mastermind of The Mosleys ( Paul's favorite Milwaukee band of the 90's) and grand, distinguished photo-realist painter has joined our band on bass. Spirited, humorous musicality is sure to ensue.

New tunes are in the setlist.We need you to see us to activate their secret code!



Sunday November 2,2008--Paul and Bob have been out knocking on doors as volunteers for the Barack Obama campaign. May we at long last replace boundless disgust and dismay with pride and resourcefulness...Intelligence, actual humor, and genuine empathy. Go Barack!!!!


Please come celebrate our new CD Tommorow Sound Now For Yes Music People    We'd love for you to buy it,too.

Lots o' wandering

We've a new myspace music site.Here's the MySpace URL: http://www.myspace.com/paulcebartommorowsound

Paul recently took part in a remarkable concert in Newburgh,NY with the grand percussionist Jeffrey Haynes. They've been collaborating over the past few years. Look for an album of their hijinx in the not too distant future.

Paul has continued to explore the alluring realm of co-writing with Peter Mulvey,Willie Porter, Chuck Mead, Jim Lauderdale, Robin Pluer, and that fantastic Pat McLaughlin. (They're all fantastic...really folks!) One of his co-written tunes with Grammy winning Terrance Simien is available on "Tommorow Sound............" as is a tune co-written with longterm compadre, Mike Fleming. Peter Mulvey's last few records include songs co-written with Mr. C as does Willy Porter's most recent release.


You might want to track down "The Joe South Tribute Record" on the Jackpine Social Club label to hear Paul's soulful take on 'Untie Me', a tune that Joe wrote for the Tams. Paul's in very good company on the album with other tracks from the likes of  Otis Clay, Kelly Hogan, Chuck Prophet, Kelly Stoltz and a grand assortment of other heavy hitters.

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